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Viewing Room

10:00 AM

A group of experienced writers, known for various fan-works and minor publications, gives advice and answers audience questions.

This schedule is in Mountain Time. Here is a handy Timezone Converter

9:30 PM

9:00 PM

8:00 PM

How to be a Cinnamon roll ^-^

7:30 PM

Play some left 4 dead with friends!

7:00 PM

6:00 PM

Lee Tokar, known for his roles in various cartoon series over the years, will be playing games from the jackbox party packs along with some audience participation.

3:00 PM

World-Building writers discuss tips, techniques, and answer your questions about the art of worldbuilding and how to effectively convey a world within a narrative context.

Mann Vs. Machine is a game in Team Fortress 2 that involves a group of people fighting waves machines. 

2:30 PM

I was just like one of you just a face in the crowed and it all just changed with a spark of inspiration. Maybe listening to someone who is kinda new and old would inspire some more of you to do what you love.

2:00 PM

1:00 PM

Many people simply see a children's show. I see something different. I see a show that goes into detail about racism, divorce, Friendship ending fights, communism, workplace suppression, and so many other modern issues. Join us as we sit down and explore the themes and how the show tackles that we adults never realize we truly needed until now.

12:00 PM

Play some Among Us with some friends!

10:00 PM

Jackbox party packs have a wide range of games to play, Join us in the gaming rooms and have some fun!

2:00 AM

10:30 PM

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