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An online convention based around western animation!

Meet The Cast

Looney T. Turtle

Looney is a talking turtle with an obscured past. Not much is known about when or how he came to the city of Roughskit, but it is clear that he is well versed in the many lands of his cartoon world. Over the years he has proven to be a kind hearted spirit with a zany personality. He’s got a five star review on yelp despite taking a very long time to accomplish basic tasks. He can be very slow, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Malone Collie

Malone is a border collie from the city Barbera in the county of Mayer where he lived next to a kind woman named Two Shoes. Malone spent most of his days watching the chaos her pet cat would get into when she was away, but after years of the same old thing; Malone decided to move to RoughSkit. Since then, he has spent the majority of his time at conventions, performing music at light shows, talking casually with fans and overall enjoying his time under the moniker; DJ DogStep. Despite having a dubstep inspired stage name, his favorite genres include the award wining combination of electro swing and classic show tunes. When he is not at a performance, Malone often spends his time depressed and waiting for his next chance to perform.

Olivia Capriana Delacroix

Olivia Delacroix (Pronounced De-le-Qua) is a small clawed otter that used to live in the far off Kingdom  Of Technicolor. Early in life she was interested in the theater and how anyone can make their dreams come true. After a few ill fated attempts at the big screen, she learned how movie producers preferred  squirrels, mice, and woodland creatures far more than a well practiced otter. Disenchanted, Olivia moved to Roghskit in the hopes of building a more sustainable future for herself. She spends her days in an office, organizing the logistics, and filling out paperwork for the local anvil company; Avery and Columbia's Metal Engineering. While most may see her profession as mundane or corporate, she finds enjoyment in keeping things organized and on track. Which is no easy feet with Looney's constant antics.


In the fictional city of Roughskit, Looney and his many friends made plans to meet up at conventions and other events around the city. They booked their hotel rooms, planned out their trip through the turbulent rapids

and mysterious woods. (They could have walked across the street, but decided to take the scenic route) Prepared for the journey ahead of them, they ran into an unforeseen obstacle: they were stuck at home due to a freakishly large swarm of Scribbles. (it's like...literal scribbles... someone must have been really board in math class...) This swarm lasted for months on end, leading many of the local conventions to shut down or postpone. As a result, they found themselves deprived of the joys that they had so desperately prepared for. Not wanting to be alone, Looney had a new idea. He would create an internet based convention for everyone in the cartoon land. Soon afterwards, Looney heard of the many issues plaguing the viewer's world, so he decided to invite all of you aswell. After a few ill fated attempts to get the event up and running, Looney asked his friends Olivia and Malone to lend a helping paw.

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